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A World Of Luxurious Pleasure.

Live out your fantasies with Australia's Award Winning Transgender Escort.

Award-Winning Transgender Escort as seen on


Welcome to the wondrous world of Danika Deep...


Australia's award winning transgendered

Where are you right now? Exactly where you should be...

Danika is an elite transgendered MTF (Male To Female) escort based out of Canberra, ACT Australia. Her experience within the Australian adult industry has been wide and varied providing her with a cornucopia of capabilities to draw upon during her artfully curated engagements.


If the idea of an elite escort with an intoxicatingly exotic twist tickles a nerve, please, read on...


Standing 6' tall with confidence and grace Danika has a natural ability to connect with people and create an atmosphere in which one can truly relax. Her powerfully statuesque physique will be at the forefront of your attention when you lay your eyes upon her and a moment later, her vibrant smile will take the stage leaving you in a momentary state of euphoria as you forget yourself and cross the threshold into her world, a world of unique sophistication, libidinous indulgence and fleshly delights!

All my photos are genuine and recent.

I am available to travel both nationally and internationally.

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