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Who Is Danika Deep?

Age: 30 || Height: 183cm || Eyes: Green || Hair: Brunette || Australian

Country born and raised, corrupted by the internet and established in the city...

  Hello and welcome, thank you so much for stopping by. Please, take some time to peruse my little place within this cyber space and get to know me a little better.

Born and raised in conservative rural NSW but with a penchant for the more exotic things in life,

the internet was the outlet so desperately needed to explore the more obscure of my desires during a very inquisitive and curious age. 

  Although quite sexually active through my teen years, the fetish chatrooms and online forums were a refuge and were to aid me in developing my kinks and fetishes in a theoretical setting.

 Years later the opportunity to put theory into practice emerged... circumstance found me kneeling in a private Sydney dungeon, shown the ropes and given the opportunity to express and refine my own kinks and fetishes, and in doing so, defining my own style of Domination.

 A couple of years hence and my journey into the world as a purveyor of sexual fantasy and sensory exploration had well and truly began, operating exclusively as a Professional Dominatrix firstly from the dungeon in which it all began, and a little further on, from my own premises customised to suit my particular style.

 After having indulged my fetish interests and curiosities for the better part of a decade I began to branch out into the world of vanilla escorting, finally exploring my sensual side. Having been so focused on fetish and kink for the majority of my adult life up until this point, the move into the sensual realm of vanilla engagements was not only a necessary period of growth but it also opened up a whole new world of possibilities and pleasures.

and here we are. . .

With over a decade of experience indulging both myself and others in all manner of scenarios, from the sultry through to the sado-mashocistic, you will find me to be very well equipped to take you on a journey of sexual discovery. Be it a vanilla introduction into the world of trans-eroticism in which I tenderly lead you down a path of heavenly unique delights, previously unknown. Or perhaps, you're a well versed connoisseur seeking a premium experience with one of Australia's best and most capable.

 Being truly versatile (capable of being either active/passive, top/bottom), presents a plethora of paths in which to explore on our journey towards a state of erotic euphoria.

 At 6' tall, with a powerful yet graceful athletic figure you may consider me an amazonian worthy of your adoration. Kneel before yours truly and worship at my alter, spoil yourself by indulging me and I will hone your oral skills to a fine point before taking the rest of you in an animalistic act of lust.

 As much as I enjoy taking the lead I also highly regard the opportunity to reciprocate. My submissive tendencies were realised very early in my life and have been with me ever since. To be on all fours before Sir, ready and more than willing to make love to your member with reckless abandon using my willing mouth, my bottomless throat or my insatiable ass is to be content in the absolute. Make use of my most exquisite qualities and well refined skills to command your pleasures from me.

 Of course D/s and powerplay is not for everyone and although rather well versed in the area, it is by no means all I have to offer. Let my welcoming, bubbly and warm demeanour intoxicate you as your hands run over my deliciously soft, smooth skin and I embrace you, kiss you and pull you down into a romantic mess of passion and desire.


 Of course there is a lot more to engaging with a transsexual companion such as myself than just the physical. Being a lover of new experiences and connections I relish the opportunity to get to know my partners in greater detail. Be it over dinner, during a day trip down the coast or indeed an afternoon between the sheets I thoroughly enjoy conversing with my lovers and expanding my view of the world and indeed theirs. If you consider my unique position existing between two worlds of masculinity and femininity and the rare insight into sexuality and self acceptance that that existence provides, well, it can certainly make for an interesting and enlightening conversation.

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